• Huge Sound

    “It sounds so huge that is always cut through the mix, even with minimal processing" – Rene Wise

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  • Swedish Acid

    “Hi, I'm Hainbach” – Hainbach

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  • Awesome Machine

    "Awesome machine! It's absurd how it can sound so special in so many ways. Hint: use the envelopes.”
    – Joakim Montelius, Covenant

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Unz Unz

UNZ UNZ (a Secret Gorilla Subsidiary) is an online store for all kinds of (electronic) devices that can help the community make noise.

Lots of good noise.

We focus on stocking and selling devices commonly not sold in large stores. With our extensive experience making electronic music, we are well-connected to the community, enabling us to sniff out the smaller, high-quality products.

There are many great devices created by small providers, both inside and outside the EU. We aim to bring all of them under one roof and offer them at reasonable prices in the EU.

Let's just say we want to make as much UNZ UNZ as possible!

Contact info

Phone: +46101015445

E-mail: hey@unzunz.com