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Modor NF-1

Modor NF-1

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The Modor NF-1 synthesizer is a versatile digital DSP synth with robust features designed for musicians seeking classic and innovative sounds.


  • 8 voices
  • Poly, Mono, and Mono-legato modes

Oscillator Section

  • 3 fully independent oscillators with 10 waveforms:
    • SAW: Pulse width modulation sawtooth wave
    • SQU: Pulse width modulation pulse wave
    • TRI: Pulse width modulation triangle wave
  • SYNC: Oscillator-synced wave
  • ADD: Additive harmonics
  • SONAR: Resonant bandpass filtered noise
  • WIND: Wind instrument noise
  • ARC: Arcade game style noise
  • FM: Sinus FM pair
  • FBFM: Feedback sinus FM pair

Filter Section

  • 12dB/oct resonant filter, mixable between lowpass, highpass, bandpass, and bandstop (notch)
  • Formant filter with 3 morphing vowels, 10 vowel presets, and user-controllable formant frequencies

Effects Section

  • Comb filter effect for creating chorus, flanger, and other effects
  • Delay effect for creating echo effects
  • All parameters independently adjustable and modulable

Modulation Section

  • 4 three-stage envelopes, each with 3 level settings and 4 time settings
  • 2 switchable LFOs with TRI/SAW/SQU/SIN waveforms, 1 TRI-LFO connected to modwheel, 1 random S&H with lowpass option
  • Modulation matrix with 7 user-definable modulation wires, 19 source signals, and 86 destination parameters


  • 448 patches, organized into 14 banks [A-N] of 32 patches each
  • All factory presets are overwritable


  • 9V, 600mA adapter connection, positive voltage on center pin
  • MIDI IN/THRU/OUT connections (3x 5-pin DIN)
  • Audio Left/Stereo output (6.35mm TRS or mono jack, unbalanced, capable of driving headphones)
  • Audio Right output (6.35mm mono jack, unbalanced)
  • Sustain switch (6.35mm mono jack)
  • Volume/modulation pedal (6.35mm TRS jack)
  • USB connector for MIDI (class compliant, no driver installation necessary)

Front Panel Controls

  • 42 rotary knobs
  • 20 pushbuttons
  • 1 rotary encoder
  • 1 Power switch/volume knob


16x2 green backlit LCD display (supports Latin and Cyrillic characters)


  • Realtime MIDI control for all continuous sound parameters
  • Supports Pitch Bend, Velocity, Aftertouch (Channel & Poly), Modwheel (CC#1), BreathCtrl (CC#2), CC#3, and Expression pedal (CC#4) modulation
  • Supports backups and patch exchanges via Patch, Bank, and Memory Sysex Dumps
  • Firmware upgrades via Sysex
  • MIDI MPE-compatible


  • Width: 440mm (without rack ears), 480mm (with rack ears)
  • Height: 267mm (10.5" / 6U)
  • Depth: 40mm (front) - 80mm (back)
  • Weight: approximately 6kg

Rack Mountable

  • 6 rack units height
  • Recessed backside connections for easy rack mounting (no lost rack space above)
  • Rack mounting ears included plus wooden sides for desktop use.
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